Replacement (recommended) or refund

You can request for reshipment at no charge or refund if your item meets one of the following conditions:

- Production error: the final product is different from what you buy at Giftymize site (wrong size, wrong design, wrong print, wrong garment...).
- Bad quality: blurry print...
- Defective product (including damage during shipment).
- Exceeded shipping time: If you do not receive the order within the timeframe.
- Lost package during shipment.


* For replacement: we will re-print and re-ship the same order you placed, so please remind that the processing time and delivery time will be the same as the first order.

* For refund: as this is an unexpected situation for both sides, we can only provide a refund up to 90% of your payment (10% has been used to cover the transaction fee and delivery fee so it can't be refunded).


How to request

Contact us within 07 days since you get your items and provide us necessary informations:
1. Your order/invoice ID
2. In case you get wrong item/ damaged item please send pictures of received products, errors and shipping label to


When we don't support refund or replacement 

There are some conditions when we don't apply refund & reshipment policy.
- Wrong shipping address: In this case, the package will be returned to our fulfillment centre and be donated upon receipt. So please double-check before you make a purchase to avoid this undesired situation
- Cancelled orders: In case you want to cancel an order that is in production process. You still have to pay 45% of that order's cost to cover product material cost. For details about this, please read Cancellation Policy.
- Request to change design: You had checked the confirmation box "I confirm that all the information provided is correct and no adjustment is needed." before checking out. Therefore, we're sorry that we will not provide a refund or replacement if you would like a change in your design. 
If you have any other problems, feel free to contact us via



Note: Returning wrong/defective products is unnecessary.

Giftymize uses Print-on-demand service to fulfill customized orders. As a result, we don't accept any return for personalized products. 

If the package was returned to our fulfillment centre due to an undeliverable address, remaining unclaimed or being refused/returned by you, it will be donated upon receipt.